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Picture drawn by my Grandmother Agnes Webster in 1990

The large Brick Courthouse (top, 2nd to the left) was the fourth seat of Prince William County from 1820 to 1894. Courthouse, Jail, Episcopal Chapel, and White House were built in the early 1820's on land originally part of the Brent Town tract. During the War between the States Col. Mosby operated in this area.

Brentsville is the county's oldest surviving courthouse. The site also contains a log cabin and the Brentsville Union Church. The church, the jail, the log cabin and the courthouse are closed for renovations and are scheduled to reopen in the fall 2007. The 24-acre grounds, which include hiking trails and a picnic area, are open from sunrise to sunset daily

Prince William County, named for William Augustus, duke of Cumberland and third son of Geroge II was formed from Stafford and King George Counties in 1730. The two Battles of Manassas took place here in 1861 and 1862. In 1894 the county seat was moved to Manassas.

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Brentsville Virginia