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Picture drawn by my Grandmother in 1990
The Town of Brentsville was part of the original Brent Town Tract, a grant of 30,000 acres made to George Brent, Richard Foote, Robert Bristow, and Nicholas Hayward in 1686 by King James II, last Roman Catholic King of England.

This picture of the town of Brentsville, was drawn by my late and beloved Grandmother, Agnes Webster in 1990. This picture is comprised of (Top Left to Right) The one room "School House", The "Court House", "The Jail", and the "Presbyterian Church". (Bottom Left to Right) The old Wolf House which only the chimney stands, and "The White House" where Agnes lived.

At least five original structures survived the civil war. The Courthouse, Jail, Church, Log Cabin, and The White House, which several of the buildings are rumored to have numerous ghost spotting's.

Brentsville Virginia